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Returning to School During the Pandemic

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) state that children learn best when they are in school. However, returning to school needs careful steps in place to keep students, faculty, and teachers healthy. The AAP guidance is based on what pediatricians…

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How to Know When Your HVAC Needs Serviced

When your commercial air conditioner efficiently supplies cool air to your business, your employee satisfaction and productivity increases and the HVAC equipment runs more efficiently. How do you know when your commercial HVAC system needs to be serviced?  It is Louder Than…

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How Cleanliness Affects Guest Perception

It is hard to perceive the value of cleanliness. Most feel “cleaning” is a series of chores we complete, but for others it is an artform. There is one fact we do know - people prefer to be clean. Being clean influences…

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Importance of Daycare Cleaning

Daycare cleaning is vital. If you are looking to rise above the pack, it is important to keep your daycare environment spotless. Each day, all across the country, parents and guardians drop off their children at daycare centers. Parents and…

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Learn Why Electrostatic Cleaning is Effective

The term “electrostatic cleaning” refers to electrostatic disinfecting. While these terms are interchangeable, they refer to two very different infection control processes. Electrostatics provide no mechanical cleaning action; they do not remove physical soil. Rather, the electrostatic device is used…

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CDC Guidelines to Assist Employers Reopening During Pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released  new guidelines to assist employers when reopening during the pandemic. Besides continuing to follow the recommendations issued by state and local health departments regarding the best course of action, you should pay attention to these five steps.  Consider Preliminary…

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