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As your facility management partner, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of service – your satisfaction is paramount to us. To ensure that we are meeting these standards, we’ve implemented customized processes and technologies with a commitment to quality in mind. System4’s quality assurance program, Measured Success, is our commitment to your facility’s safety and cleanliness as well as your staff’s well-being.

Methods of Communication

Equipment and Chemical Requirements

Assignment and Assessment of Tasks for Service and QA Reporting

Safety and Security of Staff and Property

Understanding SOW Requirements

Resolution of Problem Escalation and Procedures

Expectations and Customer Service Experience

Direct Involvement in Success

Being responsible for a facility can mean never-ending commercial cleaning and repair and maintenance challenges. These challenges prevent owners and business leaders from spending time focused on what matters the most – their business. In a perfect world, your business would be an efficient machine driving increased brand loyalty, customer and employee happiness and you’d have more time back in your day! But how do you accomplish this? You need a facility management partner that can manage and resolve commercial cleaning, repair and maintenance needs quickly, efficiently and effectively.

You should not be wasting time making multiple phone calls to various service providers for facility services. Cleaning and building maintenance should be easy to manage and that’s why we work closely with you to create customized solutions to fit the unique needs of your business and its locations. System4 brings together standard operating procedures, expert resources, technology and project management and our QR code-based reporting system so you can have peace of mind knowing that your brand image will be positive and the business will continue to grow.


Do your commercial cleaning services make the grade? How do you measure expected outcomes?

System4’s culture is focused on doing the thing for the right reasons. That’s why we’ve developed the Measured Success® program which ensures service providers are provided accurate information and have the right equipment to successfully work on your property. This proactive program allows for seamless communication and excellent customer service.

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Looking for a specific type of facility service? Whether janitorial, porter, disinfection, HVAC, etc. we have experienced service providers that are well prepared to support the needs of your business.

Decades of Experience

System4 has proven over the years that measurable expectations, actionable solutions and effective communication reduces service concerns and maintains healthy business relationships.

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