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Office Cleaning Trends for 2022

A clean and disinfected office

Written by Guest Blogger, Betty White

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic disturbed the entire world and dramatically affected many industries. The cleaning industry has not been an exception and the past year really shook it up. With the threat of infectious diseases, it had to adapt to heightened cleaning standards. When it comes to office cleaning, up until last year, janitors and cleaning companies operated in the background. They were hidden from the public eyes and did not get mixed up with the regular day-to-day activities. Now, however, they are at the forefront of the Coronavirus battle. They work hard to create a healthy and safe work environment by protecting building occupants and visitors from dangerous germs and bacteria.

New and Improved Office Cleaning Trends for the Year 2022

As mentioned, the need for improved hygiene and increased cleanliness standards have become a must. And it is so not only in offices but everywhere. Thus, companies are adapting their cleaning and maintenance practices to match the increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Some of these protocols are clearly stated in the recommendations provided by the official bodies. And while they have been established since last year, it’s critical to go over the main office cleaning trends for 2022.

Maintaining High Standards

It has been evident that office cleaning services had to refine, improve, and change how they clean and disinfect working areas. Primarily, they had to develop new cleaning systems that put an emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic and high-touch areas in office buildings.

A professional cleaner cleaning a window representing office cleaning trends for 2022
Cleaning companies hired and trained new staff to keep up with increased cleaning demand and invested in high-quality cleaning supplies.

Besides working on new protocols, companies also had to hire and train new staff. That was necessary to be able to keep up with the increased scope of work. At the same time, they invested in high-quality cleaning supplies and substances to ensure maximum safety and protection for the occupants. Moreover, office cleaning providers have also been creating tailor-made cleaning solutions for different office needs as well as cleaning checklists that allow meticulous cleaning around changing business hours.

Nevertheless, many businesses have decided to hire a facility services management company. The job of the facility services management company is to manage and handle office cleaning and disinfection, ensuring that everything is done correctly.

Cleaning with Purpose

When we consider pre-pandemic cleaning practices, we can safely conclude that office cleaning was mainly about keeping up appearances. As we know, a tidy and clean office promotes productivity and higher employee morale. Therefore, office managers and cleaners tried their best to keep clutter at a minimum. Also, when companies organize office relocations, decluttering is one of the first items on the to-do list. If you don’t take junk from the old office, you get a better chance of organizing it well and keeping it clan. As the same time, clients and customers get the impression of a professional and well-maintained office.

Now, office cleaning also helps maintain good appearances. However, it has become much more than merely conserving superficial order and organization. It is no longer a way to keep the office nice-looking, but a way to keep illnesses away, preserve health, and ultimately battle the virus that has been impacting every sphere of our lives.

Good hygiene has always been important. But now, as a society, we have started to appreciate and value clean and disinfected public areas. And that can only be a positive thing, pandemic or not.

Getting Employees Back to the Office

Being in an office was a matter of concern for many employees. Given how easily the virus is transmitted and being aware of how it transmits, they were scared of sharing facilities and office inventory. As a result, it is now essential to reassure employees that their safety and health are the business owners’ top priority. Providing a factually clean office space is no longer enough. Now, everyone who sets their foot in the building has to feel that it is clean and safe.

A professional cleaner wearing blue gloves and cleaning a bathroom sink
The most significant office cleaning trend for 2022 is to ensure that your returning employees and clients feel safe once they enter your office building.

A way to achieve that is to hire a facility services management company that will be in charge of cleaning and disinfecting services. It will let employees and visitors actually see that the offices are regularly maintained. Even the smallest changes and additions to your cleaning schedules and protocols can make a massive difference in the way the public perceives the cleanliness of your office building. And it is true today as it is during regular times. Emptying the trash regularly, cleaning common areas, and stocking the bathroom with hygienic supplies create a clean, pleasant, and welcoming work environment It also helps create a professional image for your business.

Don’t Cut Corners

It is vital for business owners and managers to understand that the quality of commercial cleaning affects the health of their employees and clients. So, choosing the cheapest possible option is not always the best option. Always keep in mind that the cleanliness standards have risen considerably over the past year and half. Consequently, you can expect the prices to have gone up as well.

Therefore, if you come across an offer that seems too good to be true, you can be confident that it probably is. As always, the cheapest option will hardly ever provide good value for your money, and you cannot expect adequate service. The reason is pretty logical. If a company can offer rock-bottom prices, it means that they have cut corners. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to afford them. And the thing is that you are not in a position to cur corners today. You must not compromise on something so crucial as your employees’ and customers’ well-being.

Cleaning is Very Important

When it comes to office cleaning trends for 2022, the biggest ones revolve around sanitization. As we have already established, returning employees and clients need a clean office. And they have to feel that it is clean. That is the only way for them to go back to their desks and feel safe. New, heightened office cleaning standards will continue to be necessary everywhere. So, it is your job as a business owner to ensure your cleaning staff maintains them.


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