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Tips for Office Cleaning During the Holidays

an office party during the holidays

The holiday season is the time of year when we like our workspace to look particularly enjoyable and inviting. As everyone relishes in the glistening decorations and winter scenery, the dust and litter left after office parties might present a problem. Nonetheless, holidays are when the office should be squeaky clean and sanitary. Let’s see how you can maintain an adequate level of office cleanliness with these helpful tips for office cleaning during the holidays.

As much as you might look forward to the chilled-out holiday vibes that will enter the office, you should not let your guard down when it comes to keeping up with hygienic standards. Keep in mind sloppy cleaning of the facility could compromise the health and safety of your clients and employees. So, aside from maintaining professionality, workplace cleanliness is also a question of public health safety.

Acknowledge Holiday Cleaning Requirements

If your company has decided to place decorations this year, you will probably have to boost your office cleaning during the holidays. Regardless of the festive mood in the office, your clients will not tolerate piled-up dust or messy-looking placement of decorative items such as decorative snow, Christmas trees, wreaths, cut-outs, glitter, etc. So, be sure not to neglect your office as it can quickly get out of control if not attended to.

Also, note you should prepare your facility for the upcoming winter months. For example, ice and snow may jeopardize the functioning of your HVAC systems. They may also lead to injuries due to slipping in the hallway or frozen driveway. Being aware of the importance of employing extra maintenance and cleaning procedures in the winter will save lives and save face.

employees eating cake at work during the holidays

Company Parties Require Extra Cleaning

Most people cannot wait for this time of the year because they get to have fun event at the workplace. As the Christmas cheer and snow set the mood, your cleaning needs to follow up and do the same. Aside from the mess the Christmas decoration might bring in, there is also litter and spills after office events that have to be dealt with. Factor in these issues as you do not want stray cups and pine needles to spoil your image. If you notice additional cleaning cannot be avoided, be sure to consult a commercial cleaning company and book a few cleaning sessions in advance.

The Floors Will Need Extra Attention

Floors are on the frontline when it comes to office littering, so they require extra cleaning to stay in check. In fact, you will be surprised at the amount of dirt and general uncleanliness the office has to endure during the holidays. Yet, as rain, snow, and slush enter our daily lives, wet footprints mixed with confetti may put the office in complete disarray.

Furthermore, floors may become filthy and slippery if you do not clean them regularly. And the last thing you would want to ruin your holidays is office injuries. Dealing with lawsuits will definitely destroy cheery holiday vibes in the office. Not to mention your business operations could suffer if one of your employees cannot show up at work. Hence, make sure you increase the volume of detailed mopping rounds to make the floors safe and presentable.

Professional Cleaning Can Help Your Office Relocation Go Smoothly

It is unfortunate having to move to a new office during the holidays. However, some companies choose to relocate at this time of year as they have the luxury to sacrifice a few working days to pack and move their office equipment and supplies. Keep in mind that your new office space will have to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly during and after the relocation to maintain the necessary cleaning standards. So, make an effort to clean any dust or slush that gets into the office during the office relocation. The same goes for sanitizing doorknobs and office equipment. Be sure to do this during the process of relocation and after you settle into the new premises so that you go into the holidays prepared.

Sanitize the Office During the Holidays to Avoid Illness

It is not just the presentability of your office that necessitates more significant cleaning efforts. The holiday season is often the flu season as well. With germs flying around and settling all over the place, you can never be too clean or careful. Stuffy air and dirty surfaces put your employees in danger of contracting various illnesses. Not to mention people tend to let their guards down during holiday celebrations. After a few glasses of punch, they may completely forget about keeping their social distance.

Office employees having a party.
Make sure you set down and enforce office health precautions for the holidays.

You probably need all of your employees to be as healthy and focused while you wrap up the year. In fact, you may even want to consider organizing a few training sessions in which you will brief your staff on ways to keep themselves safe by keeping the office safe. Disinfecting frequent touch-points and hot spots such as door handles, light switches, the shared equipment and telephones, the elevator buttons, and other potential areas where diseases could be picked up should be mandatory during the holidays.

A laptop with Christmas decoration in the office
Shared equipment such as laptops or telephones might spread illness in the office during the holidays.


Admittedly, keeping the standard of cleanliness in the offices after numerous office parties and busy end-year meetings can be quite a challenge. On the one hand, you can raise awareness about the necessity of keeping the workplace clean at all time. But, as you may notice yourself, some extra attendance to cleanliness before and after office events is unavoidable in the holiday season. Hence, we hope these tips for office cleaning during the holidays have helped you make preparations for the coming season!

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