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Set the Right Requirements for Service Providers

Professional cleaner cleaning a surface in safety equipment

When managing a facility’s cleaning, hiring a service provider offering low rates can be a tempting decision. However, as attractive as the pricing may be, these services might be subpar. In some cases, the cleaning service provider might be inexperienced. Otherwise, they might have inadequate cleaning supplies or outdated equipment. Hiring affordably can be particularly damaging if you outsource the cleaning to multiple service providers. Hence, it is necessary to set the right requirements for service providers. Read on to find out how you can clean your facility most effectively.

Do Not Cut Corners When Hiring Service Providers

It is a common misconception that any cleaning service provider does the job well. Low rates actually don’t actually cost less – the cleaners might take more time or do the job off-handedly. The same applies to maintenance tasks and repairs. You need someone with a lot of experience and expertise to do the job right. An inadequately resolved problem might cost you even more money in the long run, either due to downtime or because of additional mends and repairs.

Cleaning services used to be considered a luxury. However, they are the most convenient way to keep your facility clean and healthy nowadays. The need to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness is critical in the wake of  the Covid-19 pandemic. Proper facility sanitation is regarded as a precondition for running your business without legal problems. Hence, make your decision based on recommendations and reputation rather than pricing. Another way to economize is to opt for weekly or monthly cleaning rather than one-time servicing as you receive benefits for establishing a long-term partnership.

In most cases, a cleaning service costing less than 1oo dollars can be just a waste of your time and money. Generally, thorough cleaning can cost a few hundred dollars for several hours of cleaning. Of course, the price varies depending on multiple factors such as the facility and location. Keep in mind that the hours sometimes do not give a realistic insight into the amount of work done. For example, you could settle on three hours of facility cleaning per week, but notice that the cleaners took less time than that. However, the service provider might hire more workers to do the job quickly or in line with the highest sanitary standards.

three workers cleaning a facility
Make sure you clarify what the service exactly entails.

Make Sure You Know What You Are Paying for Before You Set the Right Requirements for Service Providers

Your facility management should devise a detailed assessment of what exactly it is you need from your service provider. In addition, it is necessary to communicate your requirements to the service provider before and after you hire them, especially if your facility is a medical office, outpatient clinic, or dental practice. These spaces need to adhere to high standards of cleanliness, so make sure to hire the cleaning service provider that can handle this.

In some cases, the cleaning service might not cover the cleaning of elements such as windows or ovens. That is why you need to be transparent when it comes to requests and expectations regarding the scale and type of cleaning tasks. The same thoroughness should be your policy when hiring moving services. Moving your business to a new facility or office space has its own set of challenges. It can also be challenging to maintain a clean office during the relocation, so make sure you know how to keep it clean during the whole process.

a woman cleaning a window
The specific requirements stemming from the scale and type of the job need to be set down.

You Might Need to Prepare Your Facility for the Cleaning

Some level of preparation before the cleaning service arrives at the facility might be necessary. For instance, you might have expensive or dangerous machines or equipment that you need to remove from the premises. Also, if you are asking for thorough disinfection or cleaning, bulky equipment or furniture might get in the way. The same applies to any clutter that can make cleaning more difficult or simply ineffective. Most cleaning service providers do not deal with clutter, or they may surcharge.

A professional cleaner cleaning a surface in a white safety suit
You might need to provide special safety equipment for the service provider.

The Cleaning Products and Supplies Should Be Harmless and Eco-Friendly

When it comes to cleaning and other supplies, you might want to provide them yourself to cut costs. However, if you run a big business, the service provider may cover the supplies. If this is the case, you should ask them to list the supplies and chemicals they use. This should be a requirement for service providers as some substances might not be safe for use. The best practice is to clean your facility with allergen-free, green, and non-abrasive products.

In most cases, the cleaning company should have a certificate confirming that they comply with standards of green cleaning. This certificate also ensures the employees are committed to these standards in that they have received the necessary instructions and training.

Are the Employees Insured?

When you set the right requirements for service providers, you might be inclined to focus on the quality of the service they offer. However, you should also pay attention to how the cleaning provider does business. So, it is not just the end goal you should be guided by. The service provider should ensure the workers have insurance and other types of coverage. If their worker sustains an injury on your premises, they need to cover the resulting expenses. Likewise, the service provider needs to vouch for any damages that occur due to their employees’ mistakes or negligence. Solving potential lawsuits can be extremely costly, so make sure you ask for proof of insurance before hiring.

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