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Does Your Commercial Cleaner Make the Grade?

commercial cleaning who perform well

Many business owners and facility managers say that all commercial cleaning companies are the same – however, that’s not true. Just like everything else, there are the “A+” commercial cleaning companies, the “C” commercial cleaning companies and the below average commercial cleaning companies. Businesses deserve a commercial cleaning company that provides the highest level of cleaning and disinfecting standards. Does your commercial cleaning company make the grade or are they consistently failing to deliver on their commitment to you? Have you considered hiring an “A+” commercial cleaning company that delivers on their promises to you? But how do you decide which commercial cleaning company will make the grade?

A+ Commercial Cleaning Companies

There are several factors that will set top notch commercial cleaning companies apart. The most reputable and experienced commercial cleaning company will offer customized commercial cleaning solutions with clean pricing, have a quality assurance program to ensure that your needs are mat and customer service or communication is impeccable.

A+ commercial cleaning companies take their business seriously and ensure that people are properly trained on cleaning products, equipment that they use and CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your facility. They understand how important it is for your business to promote a healthy and safe environment for employees and visitors and want to help you meet the new standard of clean.

When to Change to a New Commercial Cleaning Company

It’s not easy to switch to a new commercial cleaning company, but it can be worth the effort. The biggest different for most business owners and facility managers is not having to micromanage their cleaning crew. One of the benefits of outsourcing your commercial cleaning is to get some of the day-to-day management responsibilities off your plate. If your commercial cleaning services is failing to do this you are likely doing work that you are paying them to do. If this is the case, it’s time to start the process of looking for a new and better commercial cleaning service.

How to Find an A+ Commercial Cleaning Company

Finding a commercial cleaning company can be a lot of work, but worth the time in the end. It’s important to check references, confirm cleaning procedures, and make sure that the company is properly screening or vetting their employees or service providers. If you leave these important stones unturned then you are likely to end up with an average of below average commercial cleaning company that you will end up replacing. The good news is that once you find a commercial cleaning company that delivers on their promises to you, then maintaining your facility will become a lot easier. Yet many business owners and facility managers ask, “Is there an easier way?”

It’s Easier Than You Think – System4 Facility Services Management

Whether you are looking for a local business to provide commercial cleaning and disinfecting services to a single location, or a national company that can provide services to numerous locations across a region or the entire country, System4 Facility Services Management has you covered. With over 65 locations across the United States, System4 will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. System4 is a business owner’s or facility manager’s one point of contact for all facility service needs. If you are ready to work with an A+ company, then contact System4 to set-up time to discuss a customized commercial cleaning and disinfecting program for your business.

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