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The Importance of Regular Cleaning of Your Veterinary Clinic

A veterinarian examining a dog

Your veterinary clinic sees many people and animals pass through it daily. This means that the chances of having germs and infections stick to the surfaces and their spreading is quite easy. It is one of the main reasons why regular cleaning of your veterinary clinic is crucial. Both your staff and your clients with their pets will be put at lower risks of infection in a well-cleaned clinic.

Regular cleaning is also very important for improving facility management operations. The risk of infections and disease is a staff hazard that should always be considered in facility management.

While animals can transfer many bacteria, you should not only focus on the areas where they are present. It is not only your treatment rooms and waiting rooms that need to be cleaned regularly. Staff areas and places where many people remain also need cleaning. This is especially true with Covid-19 still being present around the world. Here are some tips on how to maintain an organized cleaning routine.

Have a Cleaning Protocol

A cleaning protocol is a list of tasks that your staff should complete on a regular basis. Your team should be briefed about what needs to be done and how. There are many industry guidelines that your veterinary clinic will have to follow. They are there to make sure your clinic is safe and hygienic for your customers. However, with the addition of Covid-19 cleaning guidelines on top, this can be a daunting task.

Therefore, having an organized cleaning protocol that can help you and your staff keep track of all the tasks is important. Create a chart that tells which staff member will cover which room. This will make regular cleaning of your veterinary clinic much more organized.

Cleaning protocols are especially useful if you are moving the location of your clinic. Knowing how to reduce downtime during a commercial move is essential to keep everything functioning smoothly. Among other things, your cleaning protocol will help prepare your clinic much quicker so you can  continue running your business.

Writing down a cleaning protocol for regular cleaning of your veterinary clinic
Cleaning protocols help you and your staff stay organized.

What Does “Regular” Mean When It Comes to Cleaning?

Not all surfaces need to be cleaned daily. Different parts of your veterinary clinic require different levels of disinfection and cleaning. For example, areas like the waiting room, hallways, and reception need to be cleaned regularly. Areas where sick animals are treated and examined will need to be disinfected frequently. Additionally, surgical operation rooms will require the highest level of sanitization. Keep this in mind when forming your cleaning protocol.

Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

Working with a professional cleaning service means they will make sure your cleaning protocol is always followed through. Unfortunately, having professionals maintain your clinic’s cleanliness may cost more than having your staff do it. However, they will ensure that your veterinary clinic is always cleaned regularly.

There are many cleaning companies out there offering their services. You should always get as much information about the company as possible before deciding which one to hire. As a piece of advice, create a list of questions you want to ask when choosing a cleaning company for your veterinary clinic. Know if they can satisfy your requests and respect your clinic’s working schedule.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Equipment Regularly

The importance of cleaning your veterinary clinic equipment regularly is pretty self-explanatory. Regular disinfection of the tools you use during examinations is crucial to keeping everyone safe. After all, many sick animals visit your clinic daily. The risks of an illness spreading can be great, and you should always keep your equipment sanitized.

The equipment should be cleaned multiple times daily from viruses, bacteria, and chemical residue. Which sanitizer you use is also quite important because some chemicals in these products can be harmful to animals. So, make sure to always use pet-friendly sanitization products.

A veterinarian keeping their equipment clean and organized
Clean your equipment after each patient examination.

Disinfection Vs. Cleaning Your Equipment After Each Patient Examination

These two terms are often used interchangeably. Regular cleaning of your veterinary clinic may make it look and smell nice. However,  cleaning may not necessarily sanitize your clinic from pathogens. Both cleaning and disinfection need to be done if you want your clinic to be pathogen-free.

First, you should properly clean the surface with a cleaning product or soap. After letting it dry for a few minutes, you can sanitize it with a disinfectant. Leave the disinfectant on the surface for the proper amount of time to ensure that it is correctly sanitized.

If you are planning on hiring cleaning professionals for your clinic, make sure to clarify what you want them to do. Communication with your cleaning company is key to avoid misunderstandings that could slow down  your daily operations.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Product

Some cleaning products can only do that, while others can also disinfect surfaces. On the other hand, bleach is great disinfectant, but it doesn’t make for a good cleaning product. In such cases, you will need to use both. Your choice depends on your preference and pet-friendly the product is. Also, not all disinfectants can kill all pathogens. Therefore make sure to know which cleaning and disinfection products are best for your veterinary clinic.

A person holding a cleaning product
Make sure the cleaning products you use are animal-friendly.

Final Thoughts

The safety of your staff and patients should always be your top priority. In addition,  nobody likes bringing their pets to a dirty clinic. These are some of the main reasons why regular cleaning of your veterinary clinic is essential for your business.  To keep your clinic properly sanitized, make sure to form a cleaning protocol your staff can follow.  It will keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  Additionally,  take into consideration which cleaning products you are using. While some may be effective disinfectants, they might not be animal-friendly. Also, not all disinfectants are cleaning products. This is one of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company. They know which products are best to use and are safe for your furry patients.

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