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Improving Facility Management Operations

cleaning products for facility management

With millions of commercial buildings across the country, the buildings of the many facilities and institutions have to be sustainable to provide an adequate environment for employees and clients alike. This involves considerable efforts to conserve energy, manage waste, promote recycling, and all-around resource conservation. In that sense, a company cannot achieve these sustainability goals without maximizing the potential of its facility management. For this reason, we will discuss what measures and services you can rely on for improving facility management operations.

Preventative Maintenance

Rather than waiting for equipment or facility to run down, anticipating and preventing potential problems is much more financially sound facility management strategy. For example, undetected rusting or power failures can significantly ruin the facility’s infrastructure resulting in high repair costs.  In addition, a continuously clean and maintained facility will eliminate downtimes, resulting in maximized income potential.

a maintenance fixing of windows on a facility
Regular maintenance check-ups tend to be underappreciated in facility management.

Not to mention that preventative maintenance and equipment upgrades improve employee satisfaction and efficiency. So, keeping your facility well-maintained by investing in year-around cleaning and maintenance allows you to evade high repair costs. In that sense, it is essential to devise and pay attention to your preventative maintenance schedule. Note that small businesses and large companies benefit from professional cleaning as it makes the workplace healthy and attractive to business partners and clients.

Consider Upgrading Your Tools and Infrastructure

Introducing new technologies to your facility is essential for top-notch facility optimization. For example, well-functioning air ventilation is necessary, but adding a state-of-the-art air filter goes a long way in improving facility management operations.  Innovative filtration systems can track pollution or the number of people in the room and accommodate the cleaning and temperature accordingly.

Likewise, a dated or faulty HVAC unit can drain many resources, leaving you with a strained budget and potentially even a dangerous, unhealthy, or inhumane workplace. The same goes for lighting in your facility. You can save costs and create a pleasant working environment with a relatively inexpensive switch to energy-efficient, green bulbs, and light fixtures.

It is not good business practice to force your workers to ensure extraordinary high or low temperatures, polluted air, or fire hazards. With these comparatively minor improvements, you expect a 30-40% ROI on your current energy consumption. In addition, regular maintenance will be a whole lot less complicated and costly with these new systems in your facility. Hence, you will keep your facility up and running seamlessly.

Improve the Energy Consumption of Your Facility

Another way you can improve operations is to invest in smart energy-saving solutions. Taking air filtration as an example, a way to ensure good air and cut down on spending is to invest in a ventilation system that will filter the air depending on demand. Next, consider renewable energy sources such as solar paneling or energy-saving tools and devices. Of course, the facility will be much less costly to upkeep and maintain with solid insulation.

Another way to ensure your energy consumption is under control is to rent a self-storage unit for stacking and storing your products, tools, documentation, or sensitive materials. You may consider this solution if you want to delimit your spending on electricity and heating as you will be able to make use of the space much more efficiently rather than use if for strong purposes. So, rather than wasting energy, you can use it in the best way possible.

Regular Professional Cleaning Improves Facility Management Operations

Cleanliness is a critical yet often neglected aspect of facility management. It is pretty simple. Without an adequately cleaned facility, you may endanger your employees’ and customers’ health and safety. Any project or operation you have to undertake should comply with a general hygienic standard in the industry.

a dental clinic perfectly cleaned, as a way of improving facility management operations
Your facility has to adhere to industry standards of safety and hygiene.

Even straightforward changes introduced to your daily routine are much easier to execute when you have a clear and consistent cleaning and organization plan to adhere to. For example, if you are moving or expanding your business to a new facility, you must ensure you keep everyone safe and healthy. Hiring a professional moving company to pack and label the cargo is a much safer option, as toxic fumes or injuries may occur if you opt for DIY option. Therefore, organization and cleaning are of the utmost importance for ensuring workplace safety.

Involve Key Stakeholders

Having access to a variety of different facility management services also helps you improve how you manage your business. A subscription or regular cooperation with a dependable service provider makes all the difference because they can help you resolve any problem quickly and for a fair price.

a handyman repairing a machine
Developing a good working relationship with a capable handyman.

So, if you happen to require regular equipment check-ups or repairs, striking a deal with a single company will allow you to keep your business running smoothly, even in the face of unexpected malfunctions. For instance, if you rely on expensive scanners or any other kind of machinery to do business,  you should build a good working relationship with maintenance companies that can service the given devices any time of the day. Or, if weather conditions obstruct the functioning of your company, make sure you can rely on weather control services such as snow removal or parking lot maintenance.

Similarly, waste management can also make a significant difference in how you run your operation. With as much as 75% of reusable materials ending up in landfills, sustainable waste management can provide a source of materials you would otherwise have to buy, ship, and dump later on. Not to mention a green track record assists in enhancing your reputation as much as it helps with improving facility management operations.

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