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How to Improve Communication Between You and Your Commercial Cleaning Company

a professional cleaner wiping a surfaceWritten by Betty White

When hiring the services of a commercial cleaning company, you want to make sure that you set down your requirements in a clear, transparent way. Henceforth, we will discuss how to improve communication between you and your commercial cleaning company.

A serious company aiming for success has to project a professional, well-put-together front. In line with this, uncleanliness can significantly damage your reputation. What’s more, having an unsanitary working space might even compromise the health and safety of both your clients and staff.

Hence, there are numerous benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business or facility. A clean facility goes toward ensuring a clean workspace, employee safety and satisfaction, improved productivity, and streamlined spending on upkeep. It is important to have a clear ideas as to the level of cleanliness that you expect the commercial cleaner to deliver. But how can you communicate your expectations?

A Ticket System to Improve Communication Between You and Your Commercial Cleaning Company

In order to make sure you can reach the cleaning service provider any time of the day, you can ask the company to establish a ticketing system. In this way,  your concerns can be addressed in a timely manner. The greatest benefit of having this kind of communication system lies in the possibility of immediately alerting the facility manager or representative of the cleaning company.

Ticketing enables you to get reports and notifications as soon as the issue is resolved.  So, if you have an urgency or complaint, the ticketing system can significantly cut down on waiting time. Of course, you can also ticket your evaluations and feedback next to suggestions for improvement.

Furthermore, you will be able to build a database of tickets for future reference based on the solutions and issues that have come up. This will make communication extremely quick and efficient as you file an already defined ticket for the problems and needs occurring more than once.

a cleaning team with tools - improve communication between you and your commercial cleaning company
The ticket system speeds up communication..

One Point of Contact

An efficient way to make the best out of the cleaning services is to have a single point of contact that will communicate with the commercial cleaning company. If more than one or two staff members are in charge of communicating tasks and needs of your facility, the representatives of the cleaning company might make mistakes due to this.

Yet, just as it is useful to delegate the organization of cleaning to one person within your workforce, you should also expect the cleaning company to supply your go-to point of contact for any concerns, problems, or questions that might arise. In that sense, make sure that you know how the cleaning company does business before you decide to hire them.

In most cases, members of the cleaning crew are probably unaware of the specific details of the contract you have with the company. For this reason, you should make sure that you know who in the cleaning company does so that you can speed up and thus,  improve your communication. You can ask the company to have a manager or supervisor notify you about current and upcoming cleaning procedures.

Hierarchical Organization

This kind of hierarchical organization of the cleaning team will allow you to introduce changes to your company’s operations in a fairly straightforward way. For instance, the expansion or improvement of your company’s operations might require changes made to  the layout of the workspace. In order to use the space wisely when planning your office layout,  you can plan out a comprehensive restructuring of the office furniture, machines, tools, and other equipment within the workplace.

As effective organization of the workplace typically requires remodeling or new furniture, you should be able to organize express,  detailed cleaning by contacting your point of contact at the commercial cleaning company. The cleaning manager will take note of the project and organize supplies, draft a timeline, and delegate the task to the employees.

a professional cleaning service cleaning a commercial property
The professional cleaning crew knows how to deliver the needed cleaning

This is particularly useful when you have to execute a demanding process such as the relocation of your company. Hence, the commercial cleaning company wraps up the entire process. It makes sense to let experts deal with this as they have ample understanding and experience with each step of the process. Hiring professional cleaners when moving out will help your company or facility staff members focus on your business operations. They will not have to waste time and energy on the organization and execution of external tasks such as cleaning or moving.

Be Clear and Direct When You Communicate Expectations

Before you set out to hire a commercial cleaning company, you have to have a clear idea of what it is you expect from the service provider. So, it is useful to take a close look at their service catalog and the accompanying descriptions of each service. In this way, you can assess the usefulness and scope of cleaning tasks, and supplies that the cleaning company offers.

a cleaning professional in a protective suit at workAnd if you have specific requirements that are not included in the basic cleaning package, you should discuss possible additions right away.  The same goes for services that you might not need at the moment, such as deep cleaning or COVID-19 disinfection. The bottom line is that you should take note of what the company offers and set down your expectations right from the start. In cases when commercial businesses fail to do this, the communication can be delayed and fragmented, resulting in dissatisfaction and subpar execution of cleaning. So, by stating your needs and expectations clearly and from the outset,  you will be able to improve communication between you and your commercial cleaning company.

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