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Cleaning Tips for Reducing Germs and Bacteria in Your Movie Theater

Clean and tidy theater seats

If you want to keep both the visitors and employees of your movie theater healthy and happy, then you need to wage constant war with sources of infection. To make this task a little easier, here are our cleaning tips for reducing germs and bacteria in your movie theater.

Keep The Trash Cans Empty

The first of our cleaning tips for reducing germs and bacteria in your movie theater is to regularly empty and clean the trash cans. Over a typical day in a movie theater, a lot of trash accumulates in the trash cans. Worse than that, most of it is food and even traces of drink. This is because people tend to immediately dispose of empty popcorn bags, slushie cups, and similar after finishing their movie. Very convenient for them and very bad for you. Trash cans in this condition are a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria and can very quickly become a source of infection.

Avoid Carpets Inside Your Movie Theater

Carpets are the absolute worst to clean, especially in areas with high traffic. They absorb every bit of dirt that gets on them, and getting it out takes a lot of effort. If you really want to keep them clean, you’ll need to have them professionally cleaned and disinfected. A way to improve facility management operations in your movie theater is to have them cleaned often. If you need an alternative, floor tiles are a little easier to clean and properly maintain.

Sanitize Areas Where Customers and Employees Interact

There are areas where your employees will be in near constant contact with customers. Such as the ticket counter, food stands, and similar. You need to be on top of these germ and bacteria hotspots to stop them from thriving. Regularly wipe down the countertops and other areas near these inspection points. It is also smart to keep sanitizing wipes on hand for easy access for both your employees and guests who might need them. After all, considering that these employees handle food, their hands need to be clean at all times.

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The Proper Approach to Storage

You also need to think about the storage of your supplies. If storage is tight at your movie theater, it is best to look into the benefits of commercial storage and consider different solutions than keeping them on the premises. However, if you want to keep everything at the theater, you must ensure that your storage where the supplies are kept is perfectly clean. Cleaning it out every three to four days is preferable. Also, ensure that its conditions preclude the appearance of mold and similar things. You may need to get an AC or similar to ensure this, especially during summer months.


Never Neglect Door Handles, Light Switches, and Similar

One of the best cleaning tips for reducing germs and bacteria in your movie theater we can offer is to never ignore door handles, light switches, and similar. They are used so often that it might feel like frequently cleaning them is a waste. However, this is precisely the sort of train of thoughts that leads to bacteria and germs thriving on them. They should at least be wiped down at the start and end of your workday and after peak hours.

Wipe Down Walls and Windows at Least Once a Week

You might be surprised by how many germs and bacteria get onto your walls and windows. However, it becomes evident if you think about it a little. People tend to linger in a movie theater lobby, chatting, leaning on walls, and standing close to windows.  All of these everyday interactions results in the necessity to have your windows and walls wiped down at least once a week. It is better to do it bi-weekly if possible, especially during hectic periods.

Vacuum Auditorium Regularly

The auditorium itself is the area that will need the most of your attention. Dirt and debris are quickly tracked through your lobby as guests go to their seats. So, it is only smart facility management to clean them regularly. Just like when trying to keep germs and bacteria away from your door handles, it is recommended to vacuum at least three times a day: at the start, peak, and end of the workday.

Empty movie theater to be cleaned due to cleaning cleaning tips for reducing germs and bacteria in your movie theater.

Wipe Down the Seats with Sanitizer

Movie theater seats are extremely easy to clean. Most of them come in plastic, so you don’t need to worry about upholstery or similar. This lets your employees quickly spray and wipe them down. And it is recommended to do this after every movie showing. It might be tempting to just have your employees promptly dust off the seats to eliminate any litter. But this is definitely not the best choice when keeping the health of your customers in mind.

Have Regular Deep Cleaning Scheduled

The final of our cleaning tips for reducing germs and bacteria in your movie theater is to schedule a regular deep cleaning with a proper cleaning service. The benefits of deep cleaning services are many. The foremost of all is that it ensures no infection hotspots are festering inside your facility. Minor everyday cleaning can only do so much, after all. Especially when it comes to areas such as bathrooms, which, despite being cleaned every day, still end up a little less sanitary over time.

Regular Cleaning Pays Off

With our cleaning tips for reducing germs and bacteria in your movie theater, you’ll be able to safeguard your theater from infection. However, for them to work, they need to be put into practice consistently. Allowing your employees to slack off on cleaning duty would defeat the entire purpose of having a proper cleaning schedule.  So, make a plan for cleaning, and your movie theater will always look spotless and inviting!




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