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Best Beauty Salon Cleaning Tips

Immaculate Beauty Salon

Maintaining good hygiene is essential for 90% of businesses, but it is crucial for beauty salons. First, in beauty salons of any type, there is an extremely high risk of bacteria spreading or passing on some disease. Cleaning is of the essence to stop these misfortunate events that can ruin your business or, in some cases, cost you, as an owner, a lawsuit. Besides, dirty salons seem repulsive to clients even if they aren’t a hotbed for some nasty organisms that are dangerous to our health. It is always best to be on the safe side, so here are the beauty salon cleaning tips that will help you run your business successfully without taking unnecessary health-related risks.

Bathrooms Tell Your Clients How Clean You Are

In beauty salons, clients and personnel share the bathroom. That means whatever your clients see in there will be assigned to the owner and the workers of the salon and their hygiene. Make sure you clean your bathrooms properly and thoroughly. If you prove you are a tidy person that takes care of their hygiene to your clients, they will most likely continue coming back. Adding an anti-bacterial soap as an extra precaution is a good idea. That is always appreciated in the Covid-19 era. Another exciting touch would be to put a poster on the wall with instructions that illustrate the proper hand-washing technique. It is in your best interest to stop spreading whatever germ might have accidentally traveled to your salon someone’s hands.

Use Cleaning Products With a High Capacity for Killing Germs

There are so many various cleaning products out there containing different substances. Even though it is generally better to stick to the non-toxic ones, in the case of sanitizing the beauty salon, focus on the cleaning product efficacy. As mentioned before, the health-related incident linked to your beauty salon will hurt your business. Therefore, you should avoid that situation at all costs. If you are preparing your business for an interstate move, you cannot afford to have some germs and bacteria on your tools, so cleaning is crucial here. Starting somewhere new means you will need to win over new clients, and getting infected in your salon isn’t the way to do it. And make sure you don’t forget to aerate the area when you finish cleaning to eliminate chemical smells.

One of the Best Beauty Salon Cleaning Tips is to Remove Hair From the Brushes

Without the proper cleaning and sanitation measures, in beauty salons, one can get head lice itch mites infection, or even ringworm. Those are all severe health issues, so ensure you implement all safety measures again such unfortunate events. Sanitize all that comes in contact with the clients. It is crucial to remove the hair from the brushes after each client. It would be wise to spray the brushes, combs, and other hair styling tools with a germ-killing solution. Nothing should be left to chance.

A set of brushes, scissors, and other hair salon tools
It is of utmost importance to properly cleaning hair brushes and all tools you use in your salon regularly.

Clean the Floors Immediately After Every Client

Salons are not like shops. There are often human materials on the floor after treatments, such as hair or nail clippings. It is essential to clean the floors after every client. These people observe the space around them and will appreciate that you are doing good housekeeping. That is especially important during the months when the floors get extra dirty such as fall and winter.

Invest in the Sterilizing Device

Sterilizing devices are not reserved only for medical service providers. In a way, beauty salons provide medical services. For example, when you do manicures and pedicures, you often create micro-damage on the skin that can start bleeding. There’s a genuine possibility of a severe health disaster there. Therefore, one of the beauty salon cleaning tips is to have a sterilizing device that significantly reduces the risk of such situations.

Wash the Towels After Each Use

Towels are for single use only in beauty salons, and you should always discard the once-used towel, no matter how long you use them. Put a combined washing and drying machine in your salon and wash and dry all the used towels at the end of the day. The clients love it when they are sure the towel they use is clean so this practice might boost the number of clients and their visits.

Thoroughly Clean Makeup Brushes After Each Use

Did you know that the appearance of acne is due to clogged pores, where bacteria eventually start to thrive? Each skin has its own set of nasty, microscopic inhabitants. Cleaning the makeup brushes after each use is more than just recommendable. It may determine whether your clients will ever return to you. Consider the electric makeup brush cleaner that provides the fastest and most thorough results.

A set of makeup brushes you should clean after each use according to the best beauty salone cleaning tips.
It is essential to clean makeup brushes because they can carry dangerous bacteria.

Use Disposable Gloves and Masks and Replace Them Regularly

If the times of Covid-19 ever taught you something, it is that a pair of gloves and a mask are a must if you want to stop the spread of the virus. And they never said this only relates to Covid. There is a considerable amount of viruses and bacterial infections that are circulating the world. It is unrealistic to expect your sales is not at risk. Apart from regular disinfecting and cleaning during the cold and flu season, for example, make sure you are wearing personal protection. That will reduce the chance of the spread of whatever pathogen is in the air (if there is any). Also, your clients will feel safer and, therefore, more relaxed. And don’t forget to wash your work clothes regularly. They can bear a collection of illnesses waiting to find their next human victim.

A person wearing black disposbale gloves filling the nails of a woman
One of the beauty salon cleaning tips that you shouldn’t forget to regularly discard disposable gloves after each client.


As you can see, the best beauty salon cleaning tips come down to strict hygiene. Simple put, do not expose your clients to potential health risks you would not like to experience yourself. Even if it seems like too much unnecessary work, you should maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

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