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How to Clean Cobwebs and Keep Them Away

cobwebIt’s almost Halloween and your office is decked out in decorations, but you notice a decoration in the corner of the office that you did not place – a cobweb. Cobwebs are a great reminder that it’s time to clean the hard-to-reach parts of your office. These annoying cobwebs form in the corners of rooms, on the edges of the ceilings and on the sides of your walls. You can get rid of them easily, but they seem to come back in no time!

The conventional assumption is that these cobwebs form out of the blue because dust particles stick to each other, but cobwebs do not form spontaneously. The real secret behind cobwebs is much scarier.

What is a Cobweb?

Cobwebs are the work of spiders. Yikes!

Web-building spiders create elaborate webs for catching prey, and overtime mechanical stress and dust accumulate to weaken the web which forces the spider to abandon it and rebuild a new one. The resulting dust laden strands hanging around lead to the false idea that cobwebs are not made by spiders.

Cobweb Versus Spider Web

The cobweb vs. spider web issue is more than a matter of what we call these unsightly messes. You probably don’t care what kind of spider made the web, or how neat or organized it is. You just want it gone! But it’s good to know what to expect¬† before we begin cleaning out all those cobwebs.

For most of us, spotting a cobweb means it’s been there long enough to collect dust. If the web is tattered and full of dust, there’s a good chance it has been abandoned. If you have a keen eye and notice a spider web that looks almost transparent and strongly constructed, there’s a good chance there’s a spider close by. So, the important difference between cobweb and spider web is that cobwebs usually don’t have spiders roosting in them!

How to Get Rid of Cobwebs

It’s not hard to get rid of the sticky strands, but most people do not want to be up close and personal with spider graveyards. So, the best thing to do is hire a professional to clean the corners of ceilings and any other nook and cranny – especially around the windows, doors, and fabrics.

After getting rid of the cobwebs, it’s important to get rid of the spiders. Spiders often make webs in the corners of windows, between screens and windows, and in other common hiding places. By hiring a pest control professional, you’ll prevent future spider webs. The professional will spray your windows and other areas, which will reduce the chance of having future spider webs by sending spiders a packing.

In Conclusion

Cobwebs and spider webs mean one thing: you have some creepy crawlers living in your office. They creep into tiny cracks and crevices and build webs that capture fresh meals and collect dust – leaving unsightly messes in their wakes. To get rid of cobwebs and prevent future spider webs, you’ll need a two-step approach: clean the cobwebs and spider webs then have pest control spray for spiders.

System4 Facility Services specializes in commercial cleaning and pest control services. We have decades of experience developing customized commercial cleaning and pest control solutions for businesses like yours. We are confident that we can help rid your office of cobwebs and spider webs while preventing future spiders from making a home out of your business.

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