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Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Can Help During a Labor Shortage

If your medical or dental office running out of employees? Or is the same happening to your physician group or rehab center? You are not the only one – all businesses are struggling to both keep the existing workers and find new ones.

Unfortunately, the entire world is experiencing one of the biggest labor shortages ever seen. And, as there are no indications whether this crisis will end soon or not, many business owners are forced to over-burn their employees with the work they are not qualified or paid for. Of course, this affects not only those employees but also their work and your business. Luckily, there are ways we can help out one another. For instance, partner with a cleaning company. Believe it or not, outsourcing commercial cleaning can help during a labor shortage! So, if you want to find out how, just keep on reading.

It Saves Time, Energy, and Money!

Hiring new workers in the middle of a labor shortage is extremely time and energy-consuming. Moreover, hiring new workers now can be a huge consumer of resources – resources that could be invested in something more important. Thus, instead of hiring full-time cleaners that will work just for you and your company, consider outsourcing.

By contracting with a good cleaning company, you will not have to worry about finding employees that suit your company or worry about whether you will have enough money in your budget to pay them every month. A professional cleaning company that specializes in commercial cleaning will be significantly cheaper and a lot easier to find. They will save you time, energy, and money, and also ensure you have a clean working area (office, practice, lab, etc.) at all times.

You can avoid stressful interviews and unsuccessful job offers by outsourcing.

Work with Professionals in the Their Field

You already know that having a clean workplace is great for your business. And, in order to achieve that, you must have great cleaners. But, even if you find those great cleaners, it just goes without saying that they won’t be great from day one. Providing employees, in this case, cleaners, with necessary training can last for several months. Depending on your business, they will have to learn different cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

Moreover, you will have to be there the whole time as new, unsupervised cleaners can easily make a mistake that can end up costing you a lot. Thus, if you want to avoid this – consider outsourcing cleaning. Not only will outsourcing cleaning help during a labor shortage but will also spare you the agony of finding the perfect talents for your company and then spending months on their training and supervision.

Professionals Have Top-Notch Technology

If you had to move your office on a deadline, what would you do? It is simple – you would hire a commercial moving company. Professional movers have the right knowledge and more importantly, the right equipment, to do this on short notice. The same applies to professional cleaners – they are the only ones that have the right knowledge and the right equipment necessary for getting the job done.

Whether you need your office cleaned or your surgery center disinfected, professional cleaners are the ones for the job. They will come with efficient industrial equipment (ones that can’t even be compared to a mop and a bucket) and have your entire facility sanitized in no time. Unexperienced cleaners or cleaners with “behindhand” chemicals and equipment may not only leave your office unsanitary and thus compromise your business but they may also damage the finished and upholstery you have.

When it comes to cleaning, nothing can beat professional cleaning equipment.

Reduce Turnover

Outsourcing cleaning can help during labor shortages by also reducing turnover. Namely, during the last two years, turnover averaged a colossal 300%. And, according to statistics from this year, it is even higher now. You may not think that this is bad, but high turnover has many downsides. For instance, losing an employee can lead to loss of experience, knowledge, morale, and the overall happiness of the entire team.

When you contract with a cleaning company, you can instantly and effectively save your business from experiencing high turnover. Rest assured that professional cleaning company are more than used to managing turnovers. That is, they have certain safeguards that stop turnover from affecting both you (client) and themselves.

The Overall Employee Satisfaction

Were you aware of the fact that the number one reason all employees quit is the workload? Of course, it won’t be the end of the world for your employees if you ask them to help you out with cleaning, sanitizing, etc. but, if you keep asking them to help you out on a regular basis, this can lead to frustration and ultimately, to quitting. Then, once they quit, their tasks are passed down to somebody else, then they get overwhelmed and frustrated, and the cycle continues. This is why one of the reasons why we have severe turnovers in many companies.

So, maybe one of the most crucial reasons why you should be working with a cleaning company (as well as with other facilities management companies) is the overall employee satisfaction. When your workers are satisfied and happy, there will less turnover and issues affecting your business. By hiring cleaners and letting them handle office cleaning trends, you will let your employees handle what is really important for your business.

If you want your employees to be happy, don’t overburden them with cleaning tasks.


Outsourcing cleaning can help during a labor shortage by saving you time, energy, money, reduce turnover and make your employees happier and more satisfied. These are just some of the benefits of outsourcing, but, be sure that there are many more. So, do not let this period of uncertainty and labor shortage scare you. Do not let it when there is a simple solution right in front of you. Consider outsourcing not only when you need your office cleaned but when you need help with maintaining HVAC system4s, plumbing, electricity, lighting, pest control, landscaping, etc.

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