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Work Order Management Software – What You Need to Know

ServiceSync allows you to enter service requests or schedule preventative maintenance for your business

Every organization reaches a tipping point where investing in work order management software becomes more than a luxury. Growing companies can only track maintenance information on papers, whiteboards, and spreadsheets for so long. It becomes as essential as an ice-cold beverage on a hot summer day, saving time and money.

What is Work Order Management (WOM) Software?
WOM is designed to manage maintenance related data. These metrics can be used to increase department efficiency, manage work orders, reduce equipment downtime and decrease costs. Efficient maintenance processes enable successful organizational planning and continuous improvement of KPIs. The primary function of WOM is the automation of reoccurring preventative maintenance work orders. Not only do these reminders provide service providers with helpful instructions, but they also encourage greater organizational transparency.

How Does Work Order Management (WOM) Software Work?
Majority of WOMs include three primary elements:
– Operator Interface – allowing users to navigate features, submit service requests, etc.
– Reporting Dashboards – allows managers to identify opportunities to increase efficiency
– Administrative tools – limited user rights, work order templates, filters, etc.

How Much Does Work Order Management Software Cost?
The cost of the software can vary significantly and depends on factors such as number of users, specialized features, deployment selection, etc. Most pricing plans are either monthly subscription, monthly subscription based on number of users, or licensing fees.

What Determines Return On Investment?
– Increased Asset Lifecycle – preventative maintenance scheduling will make it easier to follow manufacturer guidelines on equipment.
– Downtime – reduction of asset downtime.
– Labor – helps to forecast service provider project hours and costs.
– Utilities – maintained assets require fewer gas, electricity and water utilities.

Choosing the right work order management software can be time consuming. However, weighing your options and conducting your due diligence will be time well spent. A user-friendly and feature-rich platform will help reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance team member compliance. System4 Facilities Service Management offers a work order management software called ServiceSync – at no additional cost to clients! ServiceSync is a cloud-based work order management software that will allow you to either enter a service or maintenance request or schedule preventative maintenance needs.

Contact System4 today to learn more about the features and benefits of ServiceSync.

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