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Fall Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers

Labor Day marks the unofficial close of summer across the country. As a property manager, you’re probably already getting a head start by scheduling your fall landscaping, putting away summer furniture and maybe even closing up areas of the property. But as you look at your fall maintenance checklist, do you feel like you’ve got all the right tasks and service providers lined up? Here is a checklist of fall maintenance for all climates and regions – and how to get them done quickly!

Cold, Snowy Regions

The Northeast, Midwest and Northern regions of the country can see snow and temperatures fall as early as late September. Even property managers in the Southeast may have weather cold enough for freezing. There’s a lot to do to get ready for the winter weather.

  • Clean the Gutters – leaves and other debris have probably made their way into gutters. Now is the time to pull it out. When gutters are clogged, water from melting ice and snow gets trapped at the edge of the roof.
  • Prep for Critters & Pests – walk around the building and look for areas that a pest or critter could get in. Talk to your exterminator about preventative measures for bugs.
  • Check Your HVAC – if you are due for an inspection, do not delay. Emergency repair for furnaces and other elements can be costly.
  • Winterize Your Plumbing – insulate any pipes that are near the exterior of the building.
  • Check Roofing – loose shingles or flashing could become a big leakage problem in the winter.
  • Prepare for Snow – take audit of your equipment, what you have in stock and need to order or replace. If you use a snow removal service, touch base with them now.

Wet Regions

The Northwest and the Southeast has a tendency to experience more rain during the winter months. Coast regions in the Northwest have to think about high winds and heavy rain, while the Southeast can experience a mix of rain, ice and possible light snow.

  • Protect Your Floors – employees and guests will be tracking in water, mud, corrosive salt, etc. Place large mats at all main entrances and invest in heavy duty door mats for entrances to help keep floors and carpets clean and dry.
  • Prepare for Sleet and Freezing Rain – make sure to have plenty of salt on hand for steps and pathways.
  • Protect Against Termites – termites are attracted to moist places. To keep them from harming properties, reduce your mulch use and keep wood elements of your building from making contact with the ground.

Warmer, Dry Regions

The desert regions of Southern California and the Southwest will still need to prepare for the winter months. These regions may not have to worry about rain and snow, but there are still some fall maintenance tasks for property managers to attention to now.

  • Lawn Care – now is the time to over seed with some rye grass, which stays green during the cooler months – don’t forget to aerate your soil.
  • Check the Roof – the hot sun can break down the roof’s surface. Once that happens, it’s a lot easier for water to get in the building. Get up on the roof and make sure that the flashing and roof is not worn in areas.

System4 Facilities Services Management can work with you to ensure that your fall maintenance list is handled quickly, professionally and with only one invoice! We offer customized solutions to meet all facility type needs. Our vast network of experienced, vetted service providers is well-prepared to support all of your building’s service repair needs. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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