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Post Hurricane Safety Precautions to Consider

When the flood waters recede and the winds begin to calm down, every facility manager will face a long list of concerns regarding post hurricane safety precautions:

  • Remember that electronic locks or access doors may not work
  • Be way of residential home owners that may try to connect to your electrical system
  • Watch out for “extension cord happy” employees who try to rig up their own electrical solutions
  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors (make sure they run on batteries in case the power is out)
  • Be alert for gas leaks once the gas company restores your service

Take time to make plans for a hurricane and its messy aftermath. The destruction from these powerful storms demand planning and a smart response. Taking the appropriate post hurricane safety precautions will help get your business back to business – saving you time and money.

How Can System4 Help?

System4 Facilities Services Management is a national company with a local presence in 65+ markets. Our vast network of vetted, experienced service providers are well prepared to support your building’s post hurricane repair and maintenance needs. We are one-point-of-contact for all service provider needs. Our network specialties include:

  • Exterior Maintenance Repairs – storm clean up, exterior lighting repairs, parking lot clean up, repair and maintenance
  • Exterior Building Repairs – window replacement, concrete repair, sign repair and replacement, sandbag removal, HVAC repairs and assessments
  • Interior Building Services – commercial cleaning and disinfection services, electrical repairs, tile and floor repairs and replacements, plumbing, drain and toilet repairs, and more!

Contact us today to schedule a repair and maintenance service provider for your facility!

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