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Ways to Plan Ahead for Winter Weather at Your Facility

Frigid temperatures, ice and snow are here! This means that entrance ways become slippery, ice appears in the parking lots, and dangerous high winds produce drifting snow over areas that pedestrians are walking. Safety and accessibility are main concerns for a facilities manager, because keeping people safe and incident free are important. But where do you begin? Unfortunately you cannot control the weather, but you can be protective and plan ahead. Getting the right winter storm plan in place can help you reduce the risk to employees and guests, while ensuring that you are covered when an emergency occurs. Here are some common high risk areas to address on your commercial property.

Entrance Ways & ADA Ramps

Keep both areas clear of snow and ice-free so pedestrians can safely access your building. It is important to use an ice-melting product to keep these areas safe for a prolonged period of time.

Small Areas Count -Shortcuts, Dumpsters, Mailboxes

Clearing sidewalks for pedestrians is obvious but consider where other areas people walk on your property. Pedestrians walk across the parking lot, the lawn, sidewalks, and dumpster area. Keep in mind if you have a service provider plowing your parking lot that the snow is pushed in a direction that will not obstruct these areas.

The Roof is Important

The property may appear to be clear of snow and ice, but do not forget the rooftop of the building. Heavy, wet snow and ice can create substantial damage. Ensure that rooftops are clear of heavy snow and damaging ice.

Be Proactive – Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to make your commercial property safe is by putting together a winter storm plan. It is never too late to put a plan together. Winter storm plans include snow and ice removal and emergency response plans. Making sure that your service providers understand your facility’s needs, safety concerns, and timeline for response is important. At System4, we specialize in being one of point of contact for all service providers needed for your winter storm plan and emergency response plans. We specialize in creating a customized solution to fit your facility’s unique needs. We will leverage a large network of experienced and vetted service providers that are ready to support your facility. As a national facilities service management company, with local presence in over 60 markets, we are well equipped to help you put together a winter plan and ensure it executes flawlessly.

If you would like help setting up a winter storm plan or an emergency plan for your facility, please contact us today at 216-524-6100.

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