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How to Choose a Service Provider

The time has come, and you have a need for a new service provider for your facility. You want to choose the right service provider, but this requires a lot of time and consideration. In fact, you want to find the right provider, but not sure how much time you can devote to this activity.

Here are four ways to help with the process of choosing a service provider.

1. Brainstorm – ask as many questions as possible.
This is an interview process and you need to make sure that all important questions are flushed out. It is hard to get to know a new provider and it is considered a partnership.

2. Be crystal clear about your needs.
Make sure to explain your expectations as clearly as possible, and ask the service provider is the expectations can be met? It is important to make sure that all needs can be met. If the needs cannot be met you will be having to find another service provider, or the costs can change after the original estimate.

3. What is your overall opinion of the service provider and their business?
This can be a hard to answer question, however it is important. When selecting a provider, you will be agreeing to a partnership where the provider and your business need to mesh well. Most importantly, do you feel you can rely on and trust this provider?

4. Consider Facility Service Management Business with Work Order Management Tool.
System4™ is a Facility Service Management that manages service providers and their agreements on behalf of your business. If a service provider does not work well, then another service provider can be brought in seamlessly. ServiceSync™ is a robust, no additional cost, work order management solution that provide visibility to the business with reporting and metrics to empower you to make well informed decisions about the facility. The best part is that it will allow you to concentrate more on what matters most – the business.

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