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How to Keep Massage Clients Coming Back

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The spa and massage industry are very competitive and clients have many places to choose from, but how do you keep your massage clients coming back? For one thing, it’s far more cost effective to retain a client than acquire a new one. According to Fred Reichheld, a 5% boost in customer retention will increase profits by 25%, and overall growth by 100% across all businesses.

Returning clients provide exponential value. For example, a returning client not only will help increase your bottom line through recurring services but can bring in new clients at no cost to you – the referral. Customer satisfaction research has shown that clients who are won through referrals are more forgiving than other clients.

In the article, you will find several ways to keep massage clients coming back.

Clean, Calm and Welcome Environment

The environment in which you offer your services is equally important to the quality of the service itself. From the waiting areas to the rest room, to the room where services are performed, creating an atmosphere that is clean, calm, and welcoming is important. The areas should be spotless, comfortable, and have needed amenities.

Exude Positive Energy

Employees should exude positive energy to their clients. It’s important to carry a genuine smile, be enthusiastic about the appointment and appreciate the client loyalty. A client that feels appreciated and welcomed will be more apt to return.

Educate Your Clients

In addition to asking questions about a client’s health history and areas of their body on which you should focus, they will appreciate if you explain to them the massage techniques you will use on them. By educating your clients, you will provide a well-rounded experience which will make the experience more enjoyable.

Make It Easy to Book an Appointment

Take all the hassles out of booking appointments. Allow clients to make appointments multiple ways – phone, online or email. Cloud-based online software for massage therapists can empower clients to book appointments themselves and take advantage of any specials.

Follow Up with Clients After Appointment

Clients appreciate when you follow-up with them a week or so after their appointment as it makes them feel valued and important. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about their self-care and you’ll be surprised as to how many clients book their next appointment with you.

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