How Summer Heat Impacts a Commercial Roof

protecting commercial roof from the sunYour commercial roof has escaped the winter temperatures and spring hail, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from summer heat damage. For commercial roofs, summer can bring problems due to extreme heat and high humidity which places strain on its structure and materials. Heat damage can be hard to identify, but to prevent long-term problems, it’s important to perform inspections during the summer and to have a professional make regular evaluations.

Can Your Roof Get a Sunburn?

Thankfully it will not get a sunburn like you, but that materials that cover your commercial roof are susceptible to negative impacts from exposure to sunlight over time. UV light from the sun will degrade materials over time. Asphalt and tar are particularly susceptible to UV radiation, which slowly alters the chemical make-up of these petroleum-based materials. During this breakdown, some of the oily moisture evaporate, and the resulting material becomes more brittle and prone to cracking and tearing – which can lead to energy inefficiency and water leaks.

It’s Getting Hot Up There!

Have you ever been on top of a commercial roof on a hot summer day? If so, you know that it’s very hot up there! Some roofs are engineered to better withstand the heat but sustained high temperatures can result in shortening the life of your roof. Some areas of concern include heat expansion, pressure on fasteners and seams, moisture build-up, warping and cracking.

What Can You Do?

There are some things you can do to help mitigate commercial roofing damage that might come because of summer heat and sun exposure such as annual inspections, adding ventilation, adding a protective heat-resistance coating or hiring a facility services management company that specializes in repair and maintenance or preventative maintenance, such as System4.

Partner With System4

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