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Is the Cleaning Process of Your Fitness Facility Putting Your Members at Risk?

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Written by Guest Blogger, Betty White

A high level of hygiene has always been paramount for the successful functioning of any business. It’s especially true when the world is battling a global pandemic. However, regardless of the current pandemic, specific businesses demand higher cleanliness standards. Medical offices, rehabilitation centers, and such first come to mind. But gyms are also on the list of places that need to maintain their hygiene at admirable levels. The fact that large numbers of people use the equipment daily requires frequent cleaning. Therefore, you have to ensure that the cleaning process of your fitness facility is not putting your members at risk,

In addition to keeping your members and staff safe, the clean space will look inviting and promote business growth. It’ll help create a positive image for your brand and ensure your success post-pandemic. It’s particularly important to extend that image to your locker room and shower area. This will signal potential clients that your club is well-maintained and clean, and it will do wonders for your member retention.

The Importance of the Quality of Janitorial Services

A lot goes into running a fitness center. Obtaining and maintaining equipment, creating fitness programs, managing employees, handling marketing are some of the major points on the list. With so many decisions that owners have to make, the quality of janitorial services sometimes gets neglected.

However, no matter how fantastic your fitness programs are, how new and high-quality the equipment is, and how helpful and pleasant your staff is if your clients dread going into the locker rooms and using the showers. Make no mistake, if you facilities are not properly maintained and hygiene levels drop, so will your revenues. Also, it’s not your best interest is your members rush to leave your gym.

Most importantly, you don’t want poor hygiene to put your members’ health at risk. Given that viruses can survive on surfaces for up to three days, you have to sanitize and disinfect your fitness facility daily. Even several times per day is necessary. Moreover, some cleaning products are inefficient against these viruses. Therefore, hiring reliable cleaning services is vital. Professional cleaners will know which products to use and how.

A person putting a barbell on a bar
Many people touch equipment at the gym, and it’s necessary to sanitize it frequently.

You have to understand that the current global situation has affected many industries, and fitness is no exception. Higher hygiene standards are only one way in which the industry is changing due to COVID-19. To retain your members and attract new ones, you have to work both on your service quality and other features of the center. It’s crucial for your brand reputation and can make or break your business.

Janitorial Services May Not Be Enough

You can expect your members to judge the cleanliness of your club by the condition of your restrooms. Given that a considerable number of people will go through your center daily, this is something that you will need to address constantly. Also, these areas will be under continuous scrutiny by the members. So, you have two options. Firstly, you can have cleaning staff available non-stop, with other staff members keeping an eye on these facilities.

That brings us to a second option. Maintaining high level of cleanliness in your fitness facility should be a team effort. It means that everyone is involved. Instead of having professional cleaners available at all times, all staff members can pitch in and wipe the floors and other pieces of equipment throughout the day.

Raising Awareness of the Importance of Cleanliness is Necessary

As we have mentioned, regardless of whether you hire professional janitorial services or rely solely on your staff to maintain your fitness facility, everyone must be involved. It’s upon the owners of fitness facilities to implement maintenance awareness in their club.

First of all, it’s imperative that everyone knows the reasons for the high level of cleanliness and that this is communicated clearly. Furthermore, it’s vital that cleaning protocols are revisited regularly, and that new processes are communicated to everyone. That’s the way to ensure that the cleaning process of your fitness facility doesn’t put your members at risk. As mentioned, frequent inspections are a must.

To keep your club well-maintained and for cleanliness to become a positive advocate of your brand, your employees must develop a feeling of personal accountability. At the same time, with high hygiene levels, your members will feel encouraged to be advocates for your clean club.

Know About the Cleaning Process of Your Fitness Facility

A girl using a towel in a gym
If you have towel service, you need to collect the towels and launder them adequately.

If you wish to keep your club clean and make sure everyone in it is safe, you need to be aware of the cleaning process of your fitness facility. Here are the questions that you must know the answers to:

  • How is the cleaning performed
  • Which products are used
  • If you provide towel service, how do they collect the towels and launder them

These are some of the most important questions because you have to ensure that the cleaning is done the right way. Otherwise, it can mean that the cleaning process of your fitness facility is putting members at risk.

Gym Cleaning Points That Ensure Members’ Safety

Here are some general cleaning tips that will ensure you are not putting your members at risk.

  • A welcoming entrance – clean windows, polished fixtures
  • An inviting workout area – clear wall mirrors, clean floors, dusted equipment
  • Sanitized equipment – high touch points have to be sanitized after every use
  • Replace and clean mats after every use
  • Sanitize locker rooms
  • Disinfect the restrooms
  • Keep the shower areas spotless
A person on a black gym mat
Replacing and cleaning mats after every use is a must.


If you’re unsure whether the cleaning process of your fitness facility is putting your members at risk, perhaps it’s time you revisited your protocols. Commercial cleaning services will ensure higher cleaning standards. However, it’s necessary for everyone to do their part in keeping your fitness center well-maintained. Only that way will you make sure everyone is safe, especially during these turbulent times.

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