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Tackling Dirty, Discolored Grout

Tile is the flooring of choice for commercial building entryways, professional kitchens and most public restrooms. But maintaining the grout between those tiles can be time consuming. Discoloration, odors and even corrosion can all affect the appearance and performance of floors and create a negative impression of your business, not to mention a safety hazard. Proper cleaning procedures and products will help keep all your tiled areas clean, inviting and safe as well as prolong the life of your flooring investment.

How to Hold the Line

The cement-like properties of grout are excellent for filling the space between tiles and protecting their edges from damage. But grout is also porous and acts like a sponge, soaking up liquids that come in to contact with it. Contaminants or dirt contained in those liquids can adhere to the grout. Once absorbed they are difficult to remove. Mopping or other regular cleaning methods aren’t effective at removing stains and may make problems worse, since rewetting can activate bacteria and cause odors.

Should You Clean Grout?

In addition to improving the look of your facility floors there are several reasons to keep on top of grout maintenance:

  • Improve Overall Cleanliness – a clean facility makes a good impression on customers and boosts morale among employees. One survey found that 93% of U.S. adults said they would avoid a business in the future if they experienced a dirty restroom.
  • Increase Safety – clean grout offers better traction for foot traffic, making slip and fall accidents less likely for employees and customers.
  • Eliminate Foul Odors – regular floor cleaning treats the surface but does not remove contaminants embedded in grout. Deep cleaning your grout can get to the source of odors and remove them for good.
  • Protect Staff and Visitor Health – bacteria and mold and live and breed in damp grout, particularly in restrooms. It can also affect indoor air quality. Removing this bacteria will have an immediate positive effect on the health of the occupants in your facility.
  • Extend Floor Life – removing dirt and contaminants helps grout and tile last longer and look better, protecting your facility investment.

How to Make Your Floors Look Great

  • ID the Soil – determine which soil has caused your stain, discoloration or odor. This will enable you to choose an appropriate product to clean your grout. If unsure, a facility services management company such as System4 can help you by ensuring that your flooring and grout are cleaned properly.
  • Choose the Right Chemical – with any product used, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions, including instructions for dilution. Kitchens and dining areas, public restrooms and entrances or common areas all require their own special treatment. It is important to understand the floor, space and chemicals needed.
  • Use Proper Grout Cleaning Equipment – once you’ve removed any loose soil by sweeping or vacuuming, you’re ready to use an auto scrubber to get between tiles. Proper grout cleaning chemicals and equipment give you the power to make the grout look like new again, improving the overall look of your facility. With the added bonus of a cleaner, healthier facility and safer floors, you truly can enjoy a brighter day!

System4 Facility Services Management is an industry leader in commercial cleaning and understands the unique needs of different types of flooring. We will work with you to create a customized flooring program so that your building remains sparkling clean and safe for all employees and visitors. Contact System4 today for a no cost estimate!

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