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Tips for Winterizing Your Commercial Building

electrical systemWinter can be a challenging time for commercial buildings. A lot of things can go wrong during the winter, and the weather often makes it challenging to manage the repairs. As a result, preparing for winter becomes all more crucial. Here are some tips on how to winterize your commercial building to avoid common issues.

Inspect Heating Systems

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it is vital to make your heating system a top priority when preparing for winter. Inspect all HVAC systems regularly and create a plan to schedule maintenance tasks that need to be done immediately, monthly or annually. It’s important to include periodic inspections of HVAC equipment, rooftop units and furnaces as well as water heaters by a professional technician.

Winterize Cooling Systems

Just as important as preparing your heating systems is properly shutting down your cooling systems. Winter is the perfect time to address necessary repair to any cooling systems before you need them in the spring and summer.

Calibrate Thermostats

Save energy and money by calibrating your commercial building’s thermostat and lowering to a cooler temperature that is comfortable for occupants. Studies show your costs are reduced by an average of 1% for every degree dropped.

Inspect the Roof

Within temperature changes and precipitation, winter weather can wreak havoc on the building’s roof. Now is the time to make sure your roof is in good working condition. Be sure to check for loose shingles, or areas where water could collect, resulting in costly leaks. While checking the roof, prevent heat loss by examining insulation in the attic for proper thickness.

Check Irrigation Systems

To prevent freezing and breaking, drain your hoses and faucets. Underground irrigation should be serviced in the winter.

Inspect Doors and Windows

Don’t let the warm indoor air leak out, costing you money! Carefully inspect your doors and windows for holes and gaps.

Repair Walkways and Sidewalks

Prevent deteriorating seal cracks in sidewalks and walkways and other paved areas from further damage. It’s important to have a plan to for snow and ice removal in these areas and the parking lot.

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