Preventative Maintenance Program – Is It Worth It?

Preventative Maintenance is highly recommended, yet often overlooked. It is a type of maintenance that often includes many different types of needed services that will ensure your business runs at maximum efficiency. However, is the time and energy spent putting together a Preventative Maintenance Program worth the outcome? Many live by the theory, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Here is a list of some benefits of instituting this type of program in any industry.

– Create profitable uptime, while decreasing potential downtime by recognizing problem earlier.
– Reduce number of emergency repair services.
– Higher efficiency can lead to lower electricity costs.
– Promote safe environment – could lead to lowered insurance costs.

System4™ and ServiceSync™ can compliment your Preventative Maintenance Program. System4 provides one point of contact in your local area and manages the service providers that you will need for the maintenance program. ServiceSync is the work order management solution that will provide full visibility and robust reporting that will allow the facility to make more informed decisions, while allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – the business.

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